HPE Discover 2017

At HPE Discover in Madrid last week, the outgoing CEO Meg Whitman salutes the incoming CEO Antonio Neri.


CIOs: Did You miss HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid?


Wanna catch up and get an update for Your digital transformation strategy?

HPE’s 2017 Discover in Madrid last week was huge. Huge in participants (over 10,000+) and huge in insights, changes, directions, for the digital transformation of our business and private lives. At the conference it became very clear again: Hewlett Packard Enterprise is THE world IT-B2B leader and seems to be even stronger now. After all their internal transformations they are leading the digital transformation in the world. And because it seems impossible (for me) to summarize all the interesting presentations, discussions, panels, interviews, exhibition impressions, etc. I collected a few highlights for you which you can watch here. The wide range of these topics gives you an idea of the scope and scale the company is operating at.

https://www.hpe.com/events/discover/videos/madrid2017. Just pick your favorite videos from this list:

  • Welcome by Meg Whitman
  • HPE Vision of the Enterprise of the Future
  • HPE and ABB - A Global Partnership in Industrial IoT
  • Making Hybrid IT Simple With HPE InfoSight
  • Consumption-based IT with HPE GreenLake
  • Digital Transformation with Telefonica
  • The Intelligent Edge in a mobile-first world
  • Transforming data into outcomes with HPE Superdome Flex and The Machine
  • Stephen Hawking’s COSMOS project explores the universe with in-memory computing
  • Multi-Cloud Management with HPE OneSphere
  • The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise
  • Preparing for GenMobile users in the mobile, cloud and IoT era
  • Storage for Hybrid IT that is predictive, cloud-ready and timeless
  • Accelerate digital transformation with a new multi-cloud management platform, hyperconvergence and composable infrastructure
  • Business acceleration: Compute innovations driving insights and intelligence to outpace your competition
  • Hybrid IT is the new normal: how do you make it simple
  • Putting IoT into action: Insights from IoT leaders around the globe
  • Insights from the front lines of digital transformation with IKEA, Nokia, DreamWorks Animation and ABB
  • Create the economic firepower to accelerate your business transformation
  • Who needs Moore’s Law Hewlett Packard Labs unconventional approach
  • First Systems of Record, then Systems of Engagement and now, Systems of Action
  • The Blockchain evolution
  • Achieving record-breaking performance on HPE ProLiant DL using Intel CoFluent technology
  • Intel 5G: Connecting a smarter society by transforming the network
  • The ethics of AI: Tool, partner or master


And finally, on a personal note, our Stanford Living Heart project (see some of the other UberCloud blog posts) has been highlighted in several talks of Bill Mannel, HPE’s General Manager of HPC and AI, who has been a sponsor of this amazing project; thank You!

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Wolfgang Gentzsch

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