Ansys Simulation World 2020 took place last week.

This year it was a virtual conference, and billed as the largest virtual conference in the field of simulations. The conference featured an impressive array of interesting speakers with great talks and inspiring insights.

One of the key messages from the conference was this: Cloud Computing for CAE is here to stay.


Judd Kaiser from Ansys’ HPC and cloud team described how their technology is getting increasingly cloud ready with every release. 

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Source: Ansys


Judd showed some impressive numbers that show what happens if you do the transfer from on-premise to cloud in the right way.

High-frequency simulations, CFD workloads, and mechanical models all benefit from running in the cloud, where the newest and fastest hardware is available, and where you can scale up and down as you want to.


Judd specifically called out the fact that many larger customers have already moved other workloads to the cloud and have pre-negotiated cloud pricing directly with the cloud vendor.


For enterprise customers with their own cloud strategy, Cloud Hosting Partners such as UberCloud can help with CAE in the Cloud.


The other buzzword was AI in CAE. Jay Pathak, the director of software development at Ansys, discussed their approaches on how to utilize machine learning in engineering simulations, and Nvidia presented SIMNET, a physics and multiphysics solver based on neural networks.


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Source: Ansys


If you're interested in learning more about how to transform your simulations with the cloud, please get in touch.


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** Special thanks to my colleague Pär Persson Mattsson who is the co-author of this article**

At UberCloud we create ...

Pär Persson Mattsson

Posted by: Pär Persson Mattsson

Pär Persson Mattsson is a senior engineer at UberCloud, helping users get the most out of their containerized CAE software. He previously worked at COMSOL Multiphysics as a technical support engineer, helping users with cluster- and cloud-related questions, and later as a technical sales engineer, where he helped to spread the word about COMSOL to managers and engineers. Pär has an M.Sc. in applied mathematics from the University of Göttingen and his passion is to help scientists and engineers to discover how cloud computing can make them more efficient.

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