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October 2019

Feature stories from CAE, HPC, Energy, Digital  Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Big Data, and AI.

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On-Demand HPC on VMwares vSphere with UberCloud

In this BLOG, Mohan Potheri from VMware describes the capabilities of the VMware platform integrated with UberCloud HPC containers. This solution leverages the automation capabilities of Terraform with the unique packaging and distributing capabilities of docker containers to dynamically deploy HPC applications on the vSphere platform.

marine case study

UberCloud Compendium of Marine Case Studies in the Cloud

This compendium contains four case studies all dealing with marine applications using NUMECA FINE™/Marine CFD software. The projects presented are about Barehull KRISO Containership Resistance; Prediction of Barehull Resistance Curve of a Day-Cruise Ship; Ropax Ferry Performance; and Maneuverability of a KRISO Container Ship. Download the NUMECA Compendium HERE.

cae in the cloud

CAE in the Cloud

In this article in the Digital Engineering online magazine we briefly describe four of our recent engineering cloud projects: 1. Establishing the Design Space of a Sparged Bioreactor on Azure; 2. Fluid-Structure Interaction of Artificial Aortic Heart Valves; 3. Migrating Engineering Workloads to the Azure Cloud; and 4. Overhead Electrical Power Lines Lifespan Assessment in Preventive Maintenance. Please see the article HERE.

simulation user

Simulation User Survey: Engineers Moving to The Cloud

ANSYS and Digital Engineering have launched a simulation user survey that provides best practices and adoption insights to those moving to the cloud. The survey shows that the cloud is taking hold in the simulation world. For instance, 17% of respondents are currently using the cloud and another 20% plan to do so within 12 months. Read ANSYS’ Wim Slagter Blog and download the survey HERE.

hpe hybride

HPE Hybrid HPC Early Access Program for your Hybrid HPC Journey

This timely article from our friends over at HPE provides the following key takeaways: 1. HPE Hybrid HPC provides you choice to meet demanding workload needs; 2. HPE is committed to your success by offering their Early Access Program (EAP); and 3. Take advantage of HPE’s strategically assembled partner ecosystem to maximize success. Read this article on insideHPC.

comparing cfd

Comparing CFD Software ANSYS Fluent vs Siemens STAR-CCM+

Batman vs Superman, Magic vs Bird, Yankees vs Red Sox, Microsoft vs Apple, Ferrari vs Lamborghini, Coke vs Pepsi… you get the point. In this Guest Blog from Resolved Analytics, Stuart Bible thoroughly compares ANSYS Fluent versus Siemens STAR-CCM+, really worth reading.