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MAY 2019

Feature stories from CAE, HPC, Digital Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Big Data and AI

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Rev-Sim Coffee Break Video with STAR-CCM+

Watch the most recent 7-minute Webinar Snippet of Revolution in Simulation’s Virtual Coffee Break Webinar series with Bob Farrell, Alan Chalker, Wolfgang Gentzsch: Part #13: CFD Analysis of a V6 Intake Manifold with STAR-CCM+.


HPC in the Cloud Saving lives with the Living Heart Project

Jean-Luc Assor from Hewlett Packard Enterprise explains how high-performance computing is saving lives with the Living Heart Project. TechNative video interview on LinkedIn, with mention of UberCloud.

UberCloud Compendium

New UberCloud Compendium of Automotive Case Studies

Ten automotive simulation projects which engineers have run in the cloud, describing the application, challenges, solutions, and benefits of moving complex automotive workflows to the cloud.


COMSOL Multiphysics Shines in The Cloud

In this UberCloud blog post, Thomas Francis explains how engineers from our largest customers design products in the cloud with COMSOL, an industry-leading simulation platform that captures the richness of the real world with its multi-physics capabilities in the areas of electrical, acoustics, heat, fluids and more.


Convincing Your Executives to Go Cloud

Cloud computing is already the default IT platform for most organizations. But before investing in a journey to the cloud, your executives need to clearly understand the business benefits. This blog post discusses the top three arguments for cloud.

Cloud Executive Guide

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