On February 5th , Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio 2 to the press at the Device Tour Plus media event in Hamburg. Adobe and UberCloud showcased new capabilities of their flagship applications on the Surface Studio 2. As a long-time Mac aficionado, this is the most beautiful and amazing machine I have ever used.



Adobe demonstrated the latest version of the Creative Cloud, leveraging the Surface Dial and Pen accessories for the Surface Studio 2. UberCloud then took the stage, modeling how we propose the modern engineering workspace to function.

Engineering and ‘ultimate creative studio’ are phrases not usually included in the same
sentence. This paradigm is no more, when running interactive engineering simulations with UberCloud.

Product development has evolved in recent years, reacting to an increasing demand for more complex, customized and connected products. To construct digital twins, engineers are running more complex simulations and design of experiments that include measured data. These applications demand more computation, communication and data. As such, engineers
are supplementing their powerful workstations with cloud resources - enabling them to get to results faster.

At UberCloud, we create seamless Microsoft Azure integrations into engineering workflows. To date, the Surface Studio 2 is certainly the most elegant interface for the designer we have encountered.


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