The final Call for Voting for the HPCwire Reader's Choice Award is out, and the Deadline is October 1st

Living Heart Project

=>  The  Stanford-UberCloud-Dassault-Advania-HPE Team  achieved a breakthrough in Living Heart Simulations, please read details in the exciting HPCwire Top Feature article.  <=

During the previous nomination process, UberCloud & Team have been nominated by our community (Thank You!) for the following 5 categories: 


1.   Best Use of HPC in Life Sciences

10. Best Use of HPC in the Cloud

18. Best HPC Collaboration (Academia/Government/Industry)

22. Top HPC-Enabled Scientific Achievements

25. Outstanding Leadership in HPC - Wolfgang Gentzsch (nominated by HPE)


Please vote now  for UberCloud & the Living Heart Project Team in all these 5 categories HERE. It takes just 1 minute! Thank you very much for your support!


BTW:  You are allowed to vote if you are an HPCwire subscriber. If you are not yet an HPCwire subscriber, please register HERE,  it's free (don't forget to un-check the other boxes). You can unsubscribe later again at any time. 
Kind regards,

Your Team Members from Stanford, Dassault/Simulia, Advania, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and UberCloud

Wolfgang Gentzsch

Posted by: Wolfgang Gentzsch

Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch is the President and Co-Founder of UberCloud. Wolfgang is an industry executive consultant for high performance, technical and cloud computing. He was the Chairman of the Intl. ISC Cloud Conference Series, an Advisor to the EU projects DEISA and EUDAT, directed the German D-Grid Initiative, was a Director of the Open Grid Forum, Managing Director of the North Carolina Supercomputer Center (MCNC), and a member of the US President’s Council on Science & Technology PCAST. Wolfgang founded several HPC companies, including Gridware (which developed the distributed resource management software Grid Engine) acquired by Sun where he became Sun’s Senior Director of Grid Computing
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