NUMECA International hosted its regional workshop on FINE™/Turbo simulation software in Ankara, Turkey on March 1st, 2018. A group of engineers from the space and aeronautics industries heard all about the latest developments in CFD, and also learnt how they could significantly cut costs and save time in turbo design with state-of-the-art FINE™/Turbo software. 
NUMECA's unique algorithms which power the FINE™/Turbo is capable of solving complex turbomachinery problems fast and effectively. Industry leaders in the space presented examples of aircraft engine and turbocharger turbine simulations from the industry. 
Then came a hands-on workshop during which engineers were able to use FINE™/Turbo and  FINE™/Open in the cloud directly from their laptops. UberCloud's user-friendly, pre-configured software containers have all the tools the engineer needs pre-installed and tuned for the cloud. This allowed the engineers to use the NUMECA application immediately on remote hardware in the cloud.
NUMECA's cloud SaaS offering to customers is powered by underlying UberCloud Cloud CAE and NUMECA CloudPower technology.  This latest cloud SaaS offering from NUMECA has received lots of attention from customers who need the additional horsepower for their peak simulation needs, but who don't the hassle of buying, owing and operating large numbers of servers. NUMECA is seeing  a significant increase in cloud requests and is already gearing up for this demand by increasing its resources with new partnerships with more hardware providers.
NUMECA's workshops will continue in different cities around Europe until mid-summer. You can find the next NUMECA event to in your region at
If you would like more information about NUMECA CloudPower, please contact your NUMECA sales representative directly. You can also reach out to UberCloud for a free consultation.

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