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In late 2014 a new revolution for CAE was announced: Democratization of CAE: Leveraging the full power of CAE by capturing the CAE engineers’ knowledge and making it available to a larger group of users – access to powerful CAE for every engineer and designer. More than three years later it is time for an interim review.


Over the past few years all major Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have expanded their portfolio with technology that enables for democratization of CAE, e.g., ANSYS’ recent introduction of ANSYS Discovery Live, Siemens’ Simcenter 3D offering simulation templates and guided workflows, or COMSOL’s Application Builder and COMSOL ServerTM.


Change is happening! But can we call it a revolution?


I recently came across an inspiring use case of democratization of CAE. A leading component supplier for the automotive industry is successfully leveraging their CAE engineers’ simulation expertise. By providing tailored web applications for their daily simulations they enhanced their R&D workflow and expanded simulation access to their designers and non-CAE engineers allowing for optimization at an early stage of the design process. Since they operate globally they use Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform for their workloads. The App server for example runs on distributed hardware in the cloud giving all engineers and designers fast and seamless access to the web apps for their daily simulations.


Not long ago this was wishful thinking, but now the deployment of such applications is now at your fingertips. The ISVs, HPC cloud and service providers have paved the way with modern software, licensing and right infrastructure for HPC in the cloud – enhancing and transforming the CAE workflow as you know it.


And we at UberCloud are helping companies to transform themselves and their workflow by arming them with powerful CAE in the Cloud. Please click below to schedule your free consultation.




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** Special thanks to my colleague Pär Persson Mattsson who is the co-author of this article**


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