Computer Aided Engineering systems are going through a major change. You may have been feeling the need to modernize your CAE system, which “kind-of-works” today with a modern system because:


  1. Enterprise computing applications, such as your sales-force-automation, ERP, and even email have been moved to the Cloud. Maybe it makes economic sense to take another look at Computer Aided Engineering systems, including simulation tools?
  2. We are in an App economy. Your users demand instant value from Apps - or else! How will you build a modern CAE system with Apps that are a pleasure-to-use and offer instant value?
  3. Hardware is cheap. Engineering talent is more expensive than ever! Does your CAE system design reflect this?


At UberCloud we understand that “How to modernize your CAE system for your engineering team” is one of the most important decisions you are about to make. UberCloud focuses on modernizing Computer Aided Engineering processes by implementing hybrid Cloud solutions. This is all we do. We have a series of Cloud Case Studies you can collect ideas from.


To help you decide which modern computer aided engineering tools are the best fit for your company, our UberCloud CAE in the Cloud is a comprehensive checklist to jumpstart your evaluation. Think of it as your reference guide for what to ask CAE vendors when they’re demonstrating their products and Cloud offerings. The guide provides ideas and best practices for the most important criteria to consider including:


  • The Basics of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure
  • How to setup your first simulation in the cloud
  • How to integrate the cloud into your R&D workflow
  • How to scale and automate your simulations in the cloud


You use your CAE systems to create the core differentiator of your company. Modernizing your CAE systems is a business-critical decision with significant ROI potential.

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Burak Yenier

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