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Univa and UberCloud are two companies with a long history of collaboration. Here is why innovative companies chose Univa and UberCloud for managing engineering simulation workloads:


Managing complexity and cost

Specialized hardware, such as GPU’s, FPGA’s, large memory, and Cloud computing have fractured IT management systems. The CIOs we talk to are looking for solutions to glue the pieces back together. Univa and UberCloud offer the path back to simplicity. Placing the workloads in UberCloud’s Docker compatible containers abstracts the operating environment from the hardware. Now, container images can be pre-built, tested, and by ready to run on specialized hardware. Univa’s tight integration with Docker run-time allows key functionality like container-aware job limit cost controls, and seamless support for device mapping between containers and host operating systems help IT teams to effectively manage containerized Engineering, High Performance Computing (HPC) applications.


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Production-ready popular simulation software images

The software architectures are diverging to take advantage of the specialized hardware, which causes IT teams to lose productivity. Case in point is ANSYS Discovery Live, a real-time design/simulation environment, which requires GPU’s and a Windows desktop OS, which HPC teams will not be familiar with. Univa and UberCloud offer a path back to productivity. Pre-installed versions of popular engineering software applications in form of Docker based containers once again standardize the operations.


Accelerated desktop GUI for remote access and collaboration

Engineering applications are highly visual with 3D graphics of CAD models and display of simulation results. CIO’s we talk to are looking for solutions to enable remote access to public and private clouds from distributed office locations.


Univa and UberCloud offer accelerated desktop GUI for popular engineering applications. UberCloud’s Docker based containers come with a graphical user interface. Remote Access to this desktop graphical user interface is provided through proven VNC and DCV protocols.


UberCloud and Univa solutions are available for private and public cloud deployments. To learn more, please ask for your free consultation and an expert from the UberCloud and Univa teams will contact you.


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