Last week was engineering week, happy belated engineering week to all engineers! To celebrate, Ozen Engineering, the premier channel partner and distributor of ANSYS for Northern California held an event. This was a great opportunity for ANSYS users and partners to talk about technology, simulations and get an update on the new ANSYS features. 


So what’s new with ANSYS in 2019?


There are updates to ANSYS Discovery for 3D Design, Additive Manufacturing, Electromagnetics, Embedded Software, Fluids, Optical, Structures and Systems.


ANSYS added lots of new features to support the evolving automotive industry with a focus on design of 5G, autonomous and electrification technology. One such update comes to EM simulator ANSYS HFSS SBR+ for use in automotive radar design to analyze automotive radar-fascia interaction in autonomous vehicles.


In addition, Fluent experience is now renewed, along with a new look and new workflows, it is now faster and easier to run computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations with ANSYS Fluent.


Finally, ANSYS Discovery Live, now has topology optimization with interactive real-time shape optimization for 3D designs. However, to do interactive design exploration with ANSYS Discovery Live, you need the latest NVIDIA GPUs. UberCloud's Cloud CAE Platform provides engineers with access to powerful NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud with ANSYS Discovery Live pre-installed and ready to run. Contact us to learn how UberCloud can help you start running your ANSYS simulations in the cloud.

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