This years’ ANSYS Innovation Conference was held in the heart of Paris in the second week of October. The event offered a great opportunity for exchange, networking and to discover latest news on how simulation is able to transform product development, from idea generation to system integration.


Exciting keynotes from ROSSIGNOL, TELMA and PSA gave insights into current R&D activities and in case of PSA how simulation strengthens digitalization to accelerate car design and helps to reduce the number of prototypes.


A key focus of the large exhibition at this years’ Innovation Conference were applications addressing virtual reality (VR). Especially OPTIS simulations and its applications in the area of autonomous driving and virtual test drive will be something to watch out for in the future.


But autonomous vehicle simulation is not the only one that is computationally demanding. Complex (multiphysics) simulations, design of experiments, the development of a digital twin, all have an ever-increasing demand for compute power. Not surprisingly cloud computing was another major focus at this years’ event.


And indeed, since some time now we observe a significant increase in cloud usage for engineering simulations ranging from on-demand usage for engineering projects up to being part of an enterprise’s digital transformation.


To learn more about how your ANSYS simulations can benefit from cloud contact us for a free consultation.



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