Stanford and UberCloud Take Living Heart Simulations to the Cloud

Posted by Wolfgang Gentzsch on Sep 28, 2017 3:06:42 PM

Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud, Francisco Sahli, Stanford University, Sept 23, 2017

Cardiac arrhythmia can be an undesirable and potentially lethal side effect of drugs. During this condition, the electrical activity of the heart turns chaotic, decimating its pumping function, thus diminishing the circulation of blood through the body. Some kind of cardiac arrhythmia, if not treated with a defibrillator, will cause death within minutes.

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Vote for Stanford-UberCloud for the HPCwire 2017 Reader's Choice Awards!

Posted by Wolfgang Gentzsch on Sep 27, 2017 5:01:47 PM

The final Call for Voting for the HPCwire Reader's Choice Award is out, and the Deadline is October 1st

=>  The  Stanford-UberCloud-Dassault-Advania-HPE Team  achieved a breakthrough in Living Heart Simulations, please read details in the exciting HPCwire Top Feature article.  <=

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Is your engineering data secure in the cloud?

Posted by Thomas Francis on Sep 27, 2017 4:50:45 PM


Engineers are usually paranoid about the safety of their data. This is a good thing.

Engineering designs usually represent the organization’s crown jewels and you want to know they are kept safe. But what if the safest place for this precious data is actually outside the walls of your organization?

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What ANSYS users need to know in 2017

Posted by Burak Yenier on Sep 27, 2017 4:33:11 PM

Are you one of the lucky few ANSYS users with access to a supercomputer?

If not, you may be frequently negotiating with yourself to fit your analysis to your computer's limits. I don’t have enough memory to fit the whole simulation, so I will check only one of the subsystems. I don’t have enough CPU’s to test all 100 parameters, so I will test 10 and take the first one that checks out.

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ANSYS Convergence 2017 Bengaluru India

Posted by Reha Senturk on Sep 27, 2017 4:00:08 PM


ANSYS Convergence Bengaluru, the biggest annual ANSYS event in India, was held on August 31, 2017 with a great interest from all around India, attracting over 500 engineers. ANSYS President and CEO, Dr. Ajei Gopal, presented exciting new developments in CAE and simulations and gave examples of pervasive engineering simulation. Keynote speakers showcased amazing examples of engineering accomplishments which could only be achieved with the help of simulation. As the ANSYS Cloud Hosting Partner and Gold Sponsor of the conference, UberCloud presented exciting engineering cloud capabilities offering full high performance benefits with unlimited CPU and memory options allowing engineers to run complex simulations, batches and experiments in full GUI with minimal upfront investment.

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The 7 Myths of Cloud for Engineers

Posted by Wolfgang Gentzsch on Sep 26, 2017 8:52:41 PM


Over the past five years we have performed almost 200 cloud experiments together with engineers, running their technical computing applications on different clouds, and publishing 80 case studies. In the early days, each cloud experiment took three months on average, and had a 50% failure rate. Today, our cloud experiments take just a few days, and have a 0% failure rate. What has happened? Five years ago, cloud computing for compute-intensive engineering and scientific applications was in its infancy, and we faced several severe roadblocks. But over the years we have learned how to reduce or even remove them. And while the roadblocks were real five years ago, many of them have turned into myths, with the advent of new technologies, business models, and the growing acceptance of cloud computing. Let’s have a closer look.

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CST Antenna Design Workshop

Posted by Thomas Francis on Sep 26, 2017 6:09:22 PM
Antennas have become such an integral part of our lives that we don't even notice them anymore. They have blended into the background in every aspect of our lives; our phones, cars, and even our clothing. With so many antennas around, designing them is proving to be a greater challenge than ever. Engineers have to work with tiny form factors, limited power, and endless variation. Then there's the problem of interference. The multitude of antennas on these devices causes a cacophony that engineers need to make sense of .
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ANSYS Cloud, Virtual Reality and the Future of Product Design

Posted by Burak Yenier on Sep 26, 2017 4:17:42 PM

Virtual Reality offers a new, yet natural way to interact with complex information from software such as ANSYS Cloud. I had a chance to observe the potential during a recent lunch and learn put together by iQ3, Ozen Engineering and UberCloud.

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